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edible flowers Borage
Borage (also known as a starflower) is an annual that bears hanging, star shaped, deep blue flowers. Its leaves and flower stems are covered in silver coloured hairs.  The plant, which can easily grow to a meter in height, can be cultivated without effort and very easily disseminates. Organic fertilizers benefit the plant’s growth and taste. This plant is fairly insensitive to disease and pest attack.

Borage originates from the countries around the Mediterranean Sea and was later on spread to the rest of Europe and even North America. The Greeks and Romans already benefited from this herb.

The deep blue flowers can be used in all kinds of dishes. You can, for example, use them to decorate drinks with. It is also nice to freeze them in ice cubes. After sugar-coating the flowers they can also be used for decorating a cake or cupcakes. Naturally the flowers are very suitable for use in salads too.

Borage has a cucumber-like, slightly salty taste.