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Garden nasturtium

Descriptionedible flowers tropaeolum eetbare bloemen

Tropaeolum Majus, also known as garden nasturtium (not to be confused with the Nasturtium genus), is a free-flowering annual creeper with decorative leaves and is suitable for flower beds, flower boxes and the vegetable garden. You can very easily cultivate this plant and it easily disseminates. In addition, this plant is fairly insensitive to disease, but sensitive to pest attack.

Tropaeolum originates from Peru and Colombia. Conquistadors brought this plant to Europe. In the 17th century the plant was used for consumption in order to prevent diseases such as scurvy.

Both its leaves and its flowers are suitable for consumption. They are often used in salads, but can be used in other dishes as well. It is recommended not to consume the plant during pregnancy.

Tropaeolum tastes fresh, slightly peppery and sharp and vaguely reminds one of radish or watercress.