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Quickly made summer fruit skewers with cornflowers

'A skewer with summer fruit and Centaurea cyanus flowers, as a lovely little side dish or a dessert.'


Edible flowers recipe Fruitspiezen       

Centaurea cyanus flowers are fresh
and do not have an explicit flavour, which makes them easy to combine.
The intense blue colour creates
an extraordinary effect.
In this recipe, they have been combined with
cherries, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.


Make sure that the fruit is at room temperature, so that it tastes best.

Stone, divide into halves and cut according to your preference.

Carefully slide the fruit pieces, one-by-one, onto the cocktail stick and alternate with a Centaurea flower.

Present the skewers on a nice dish and serve immediately!

Tip: Replace the strawberry calyx with a cornflower or put a cornflower in the cavity of a raspberry: lovely!

Vary with different kinds of fruits such as pineapple, melon, nectarine or grapes.

Presenteer de spiesen op een mooie schaal en serveer direct!

Tip: Vervang het kroontje van de aardbei door een korenbloemetje of duw een korenbloemetje in de holte van de framboos, mooi!

Varieer met fruitsoorten zoals ananas, meloen, nectarine of druiven.