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Look and Taste: enjoying flowers on the terrace or balcony and on your plate!

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Everybody loves flowers! The flowers Look and Taste offers are not just wonderful to look at, but also edible. Picking edible flowers at home so that you can make the best dishes look even better in your own kitchen, that is possible with potted plants by Look and Taste. Looking at and tasting flowers: twice the fun!

Edible flowers can be used in all kinds of dishes. We have composed a number of tasty recipes to help you get started.

The products are grown with the best possible care. Our nursery garden is MPS Fruit & Vegetables certificated. Look and Taste therefore provides guaranteed and officially edible products.

The Look and Taste selection includes several edible flowers: Begonia, Oxalis, basil, garden nasturtium, violet, lavender, starflower, wild garlic, carnation, marigold, cornflower, anise hyssop and pot marigold.

The Look and Taste flowering potted plants are available at florist’s shops and various garden centres from April to early July.

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